Do you currently have multiple credit commitments with different financial institutions? As a result, do you have difficulties keeping your shared vision? We are convinced that we have the solution to your problem. Through flexible private credit, you can replace multiple loans in progress with a single loan. You can thus not only reduce the amount of interest payable, but also obtain a clearer financial situation.


A credit means a single contract

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More than the advantageous contractual terms, simplifying credit management will play an important role in choosing your recovery credit. In general, it is simpler to deal with a financial institute than with several institutes, which often have already sent you one or more rappels. Thanks to our flexible and advantageous recovery credit, you not only collect your debts, but you also relieve your home budget. You can thus make interesting monthly savings.


Use potential savings

In Switzerland, high interest rates are common in the financial market. If you are in this situation, we advise you to compare our current credit conditions and, if you are interested, to opt for a recovery credit. Do not be afraid to make the change. We take care of the whole process. Recovering a credit becomes child’s play: you won’t have any exchanges to do, nor do you have to spend hours on the phone. You just have to fill in your recovery credit application online and we take care of the rest.


Decrease in administrative costs

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Among the benefits of our recovery credit, in addition to obtaining favorable interest rates, you reduce the time you would need to devote to managing your finances. If you also prefer to spend your free time to do pleasant things, combine your different financial commitments into a single private credit. The procedure is simple: use our calculator to compare the different variants and immediately ask for our online offer.


The rates you will pay

It’s the jungle! You will have to really compare and detail the offers before making your choice … Especially that the types of loans offered are different depending on the institutions. On average, the rates recorded vary between 6.80% and 9.90%! 
Comparative credit surrender rates.